with Imad Khaddaj
Saturday November 19 from 12:30am to 2.30pm

Backbends have many therapeutic qualities, they can:

  • Boost energy, relieve tension and uplift your mood
  • Improve posture by strengthening the back and opening the chest
  • Realign, strengthen and increase mobility in the spine

Moving with awareness

Our goal in this workshop is to begin to understand what is actually happening when we do a backbend, by learning some of the fundamental movements used to go into and out of these potent yoga postures. We will put these movements under the microscope using accessible backbending postures such as cobra and camel to find out what muscles are used, how to find correct alignment, how to avoid common mistakes and injuries, and the importance of modifications.

Flexibility, strength & mobility

We all develop some dysfunctional habits throughout our lives – the best way to fix this is by implementing functional patterns of movement that will allow you to improve your posture and have a body that works better! We will use some easily accessible exercises to shed some light on how to improve your general flexibility, mobility and strength, covering basic human anatomy on axial extension, flexion, and rotation.

Better Breathing

We will discuss the importance of the breath in backbends and in yoga overall, and how we can use it to improve our practice. The workshop will include a short Q and A, ending with a restorative practice to help relax and learn how to deal with mind distractions. This workshop is good for practitioners of all levels and all body types. Your investment: $50+hst

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