13/02/2023 @ 6:00 am – 09/03/2023 @ 6:30 am

Join Josie Goffredo live online for a month of mini morning mobility to establish a whole new routine that can re-shape your day. This series starts Monday May 29 and ends Thursday June 22.

Having consistent morning practice can change your life for the better and set the tone for the day. Having the support of a group will help keep you accountable if this is a change of routine for you. The benefits of regular practice quickly become obvious — you may find you operate from a calmer mind and make better decisions throughout the day. Josie incorporates a range of postures, movements and breathing exercises which change with each series.

MOBILITY STYLE: Generally gentle on the mat and options to scale movement will be offered. The purpose of this class is to clear morning fog and focus the mind. The sessions feature Functional Range Conditioning principles which are mobility & joint health focused.

TOOLS YOU’LL NEED: A mat and 2 blocks.

Your Investment: $65+hst