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Elevate your movement capabilities with this system that develops maximum body control, flexibility and usable ranges of motion.

Kinstretch®  is a movement enhancement system that takes your body control, flexibility, and range of motion to new heights. The system focuses on strengthening your joints, connective tissue, and muscles throughout their full range.

Backed by scientific principles & developed by Dr. Andreo Spina as part of the comprehensive ‘Functional Range Systems,’ this class setting harnesses the power of Kinstretch to improve joint health, prevent injuries, enhance athletic performance, promote longevity, and boost overall movement capacity.



  • reinforces joint health
  • strengthens connective tissues  & muscle
  • injury prevention & mitigation
  • boosts movement capacity
  • promotes longevity
  • improves athletic performance



Although the system also includes breathwork and much body awareness and intentional movement, it’s not a Yoga Class. Although you will be challenged, it’s also not a HIIT class. It is not a typical stretching or exercise routine. It is not a quick-fix solution or a one-size-fits-all approach. It is not limited to superficial gains or temporary results.

Kinstretch is not about pushing through pain or forcing movements beyond your body’s capabilities. It is meant to be inclusive. Although, some injured individuals (newly or chronically) may find it safe and empowering to practice Kinstretch because it may improve their current condition, it is not a substitute for medical advice or treatment.

Practice Kinstretch at Astanga Yoga Ottawa:

Book one of Josie’s Kinstretch Workshops below or join her Mobility Classes on Monday nights in the studio.

Refunds Policy

Upon receiving an acceptance email, the applicant will be asked to pay a deposit of $500. Final invoices will be emailed 6 weeks before the start date of training. The deadline to pay in full is 2 weeks prior to the start date of training. If an applicant withdraws from the program after acceptance, but before the program starts, $250 from applicant’s deposit amount will be retained by the program. However, such amount can be applied towards a future training program. The program will not give any refunds or credits after the training starts. The program reserves the right to cancel any training before it begins. In that case any payments applicants have made will be refunded in full.

Refunds After the Program Start Date: There will be no refunds after the start date of the program. If the applicant withdraws from the program for any reason after it starts, the applicant will be responsible for paying the full tuition.

Attendance Policy

Graduation from our program requires the student’s attendance at all training sessions. Any absence must be approved in advance by our program director. A maximum of 20 hours may be missed if arranged in advance and approved by the program director. We will provide make-up sessions included in the price of tuition but only on specific request. We do not accept unapproved absences and they may result in dismissal from the program. In this case, graduation will be at the sole discretion of the program director.

Code of Conduct

We are committed to holding high ethical standards for our yoga teachers. We believe that it is the responsibility of a teacher to ensure a safe environment in which our students can grow physically, mentally, and spiritually. Students are looking for guidance from teachers with authenticity, experience, and wisdom. Our Code of Conduct was developed to protect our students in this potentially vulnerable relationship with their teachers and to uphold the highest professional standards.

Teacher-Student Relationships

Teachers shall demonstrate high regard for the moral, social, and religious standards of their students. Teachers shall avoid imposing their personal beliefs on their students, although they may express them when appropriate in the class and in a sensitive and careful manner. Teachers recognize the trust placed in them by students and the unique power of the student-teacher relationship. Teachers shall avoid exploiting the trust and dependency of students. Teachers shall avoid dual relationships with students (e.g. business, close personal or sexual relationships) that may impair their judgment, compromise the integrity of the teachings and/or use the relationship for their personal gain. Teachers shall not engage in harassment, abusive words or actions.

Confidential Information

Teachers shall keep all personal information disclosed by students strictly confidential.

Yoga Equity

Teachers shall welcome all students regardless of age, sex (including pregnancy, gender identity and perceived gender expression), sexual orientation, color, race, national origin, marital status, parental status, veteran’s status, religion, or physical or mental disability, provided that the teacher has appropriate expertise.

Astanga Flow with Sofiya is a powerful class that delves deeper into a range of Astanga postures from both Primary and Second Series, and runs from 11.30am-12.45pm each week. Appropriate to both new and experienced practitioners, this class incorporates more backbending than you would see in a typical Astanga class. Come experience the benefits for yourself!


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